What is the vision of the redevelopment project?

The Downtown Moorhead Development project is key to the future growth and diversification of Moorhead. It will attract and connect people, featuring art and architecture from around the world. A place where people, cities, the river, and heritages "come together," the development will feature places to work, live, relax, learn, and be entertained. The development will focus on "More to Moorhead" and all the community does and will offer.

What will the new development consist of?

The development area is more than nine city blocks and includes amenities Moorhead residents have requested. Buildings will be vertical and compact with integrated parking, yet providing ample open space for community gatherings.

What will the development look and feel like?

JLG Architects Brand Design team researched Moorhead’s ancestral origins, historical influence, architecture and art, current demographics, and dynamic community to determine how to continue expanding upon that culture. They identified “M” both as a letter and as a geometric shape repeated throughout the city – in the river, iconic Hjemkomst center roof, railroad crossings, and many of the local school’s logos. The repeating triangular pattern was identified in art and patterns from across seven different continents including patterns such as: Chinle, Ganado, Anaakanan, Manao, Tapa, ‘Ohe Kapala, Shisha, Saylac, Girih, Tartan, and Kuba. Additionally, Mót, an Old Norse word meaning “people coming together,” unites the predominant heritages of Moorhead and becomes the catalyst where global cultures are layered into a Scandinavian theme celebrating Moorhead’s diversity.

What are Roers plans or what is Roers involvement in the redevelopment?

In 2019, Roers and the City of Moorhead entered into a pre-development agreement to identify opportunities for the existing Moorhead City Mall space and surrounding city-owned properties. Roers is currently facilitating the plan for the City of Moorhead on the redevelopment of the Moorhead Center Mall and surrounding areas. Roers will oversee the planning and execution of the development. Execution of individual building development and construction could be supported by Roers or other developers in our community. Roers welcomes other developers to get involved in the project as well.

How many phases will the entire development project consist of?

At this time, this project is slated to be a multiple phase project. More concise details will be shared as available.

Who is committed to be a part of this project?

There are no commitments yet, however, there are some projects in discussion. One project being led by Moorhead community members is for a new Community Center/Regional Library. The Community Center/Regional Library is a separate project from this development and will require a public vote for approval to proceed with the project. For more information on this project, please visit https://www.yes56560.com/.

Is Roers developing the entire project or will other developers be involved?

Roers is investing into this project as we feel there is a fantastic opportunity for Moorhead, its business community, and its residents. Roers is the lead developer of the project and is working with the City to establish design standards for the entire project. This will streamline the process for developers who want to be involved in the project. Roers feels this is an excellent opportunity to partner with others to ensure this important project is successful.

If a business is interested in being a part of this new development, who do they contact for details?

Any inquiries should be sent through the Contact Us form. This is a unique development whereas we can tailor make what is needed for the business and can provide for parking needs. All retailers, banks, clinics, and office spaces. Any type of business is invited to be a part of the development.

What type of businesses are you looking for to be a part of this development?

Currently, the plans are still in progress so there are no limits on which types of businesses are part of the project. In the research for the Downtown Moorhead vision, the most common responses were the need for opportunities for Moorhead residents to live, work, and have entertainment options in downtown Moorhead. Residential housing, civic areas, and retail are the three primary areas which have been identified to include in many phases of the plan.

What will the riverfront experience entail?

Green space will provide connectivity to the environment. Water features in various design collaborations throughout the development will complement the river scene. Entertainment opportunities are being explored to bring people outside and experience community gatherings.

Will City Hall stay where it is or will there be a new location?

The city of Moorhead anticipates studying the renovation/relocation of City Hall, however no decision has been made.

What will happen to the existing Moorhead Center mall structure?

Eventually the Mall will be rebuilt as part of the overall redevelopment when all phases are complete. Roers has met with each Moorhead Center Mall owner to keep open communication regarding the next steps in the project and how they could be a part of the new area if they choose to participate.

What will happen to the existing Moorhead Center mall store owners and tenants/merchants?

The first phases of redevelopment will be carefully planned around the goal for the existing Moorhead Center Mall tenants to be able to operate during development and construction. Tenants can operate their units under the ‘business as usual’ plan. As each phase planning begins, the tenants and Roers will map out a plan together.

What makes this different from Downtown Fargo?

We anticipate this to be "uniquely Moorhead" in that we offer unique services to residents and visitors. We envision services available that are specific to the community including medical services such as vision, chiropractic, therapy, clinic services, and more. We also envision a family friendly focus for retail, outdoor plaza events, river front activities, restaurants, and the possible community attractions yet to be determined such as a library or community center. Gorgeous riverfront views will be highly sought after for retail and residential spaces as well. The vision of bringing everyone together from all cultures, demographics, and generations will remain a focus as the plans progress. Moorhead works in cooperation with Fargo so we can build our communities stronger together.